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"Orion's Belt" 10mm Natural Gemstone Bead Bracelet Lapis Lazuli and Matte Onyx

"Orion's Belt" 10mm Natural Gemstone Bead Bracelet Lapis Lazuli and Matte Onyx

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  • Hand Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • 100% Natural Stone Beads
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Sizing Information

The sizes shown are based on wrist size, not overall bracelet size. Using a soft tape measure, wrap the tape measure around your wrist approximately half an inch up your arm from your wrist joint. We recommend the bracelet fit slightly loose on the wrist ensuring no excessive wear on the cord. If you have any questions about sizing before placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us

Care and Use

Avoid contact with any chemicals or harsh cleaners to ensure long life of the stretch cord. While the cord is very strong and made to last, do not over stretch when putting on and taking off your bracelet to avoid strain or damage to the cord.

10mm Natural Stone bead bracelet with Lapis Lazuli, Matte onyx stone beads, and stainless-steel accents.  Assembled with USA made industrial strength stretch cord.

*Note we only use non-color enhanced natural stone. The pattern and colors of the stone beads used in each bracelet are different and unique, it will vary slightly from the pictures shown.

Lapis Lazuli: is a stunning gemstone that has been used throughout history for its beauty, power, and spiritual properties. This stone has been found in jewelry dating back to ancient Egyptian times, Lapis Lazuli contains an amazing combination of deep blue shades with golden pyrite flecks which gives it a unique quality and elegance. Lapis Lazuli was believed to be a powerful protective and healing stone in ancient times.

Onyx: Stone has long been used as an ornamental gemstone in a variety of cultures.  Onyx stone also has powerful metaphysical properties that have been revered by many ancient civilizations. It is believed to offer strength and protection from negative influences, while helping to clear mental confusion and bring emotional balance. 


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Fantastic Item!

Blown away by how good this looks on my wrist. Will be getting more.