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Ashur Designs

"Ra" 8mm Natural Gemstone Bead Bracelet, Tiger's Eye

"Ra" 8mm Natural Gemstone Bead Bracelet, Tiger's Eye

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  • Hand Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • 100% Natural Stone Beads
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Sizing Information

The sizes shown are based on wrist size, not overall bracelet size. Using a soft tape measure, wrap the tape measure around your wrist approximately half an inch up your arm from your wrist joint. We recommend the bracelet fit slightly loose on the wrist ensuring no excessive wear on the cord. If you have any questions about sizing before placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us

Care and Use

Avoid contact with any chemicals or harsh cleaners to ensure long life of the stretch cord. While the cord is very strong and made to last, do not over stretch when putting on and taking off your bracelet to avoid strain or damage to the cord.

8mm Natural Stone bead bracelet with Tiger's Eye and stainless-steel accents. Assembled with USA made industrial strength stretch cord.

*Note we only use non-color enhanced natural stone. The pattern and colors of the stone beads used in each bracelet are different and unique, it will vary slightly from the pictures shown.

Tiger's Eye, a gemstone known for its golden-brown hues and chatoyant effect, holds no direct historical ties to specific ancient civilizations. However, its symbolism and perceived properties align with the values of various cultures. In ancient Egypt, the stone's colors may have symbolized the sun, while its feline qualities resonated with Egyptian cats. Mesopotamian and Roman cultures might have valued Tiger's Eye for its protective qualities, and in Chinese culture, it may have been appreciated for its Earth energies. 

Documented throughout history, Tiger's Eye carries spiritual and symbolic significance, making it a timeless stone with connections to strength, protection, and harmony across diverse cultures. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jen Smith

Ashur Designs offers a quality and attention to detail that really sets them apart! Reggie’s passion for his art really shows as he uses only the best materials and is always working to come up with new and thoughtful designs. I’ve purchased several bracelets as gifts for friends and family and they have always been a hit! Give them a chance, you’re going to love it!